BC & The Big Rig is an Americana/Roots Rock band from Tulsa, OK. Formed in January 2015 as a four piece group, the guys ultimately added a fifth member to get the sound they were after. With the five piece rock and roll machine ready to roll, they have had many opportunities since to share the stage with many regional and national acts around the Mid-West.
This lineup came together after different pairs of them had worked together over the years on different projects and toured together in different bands. Ultimately finding themselves with a common desire to write and perform together. BC & The Big Rig is the result.
Brandon Clark had a vision of a rock band that he had wanted and ended up getting to put that band together. With Brandon on lead vocals/rhythm guitar, Sam Naifeh on lead guitar/vocals, Ryan "Danger" McCall on lead guitar/vocals, Chris Bell on bass guitar/vocals, and James Purdy on drums/vocals, the stage was set. Influenced by everyone from Deep Purple to Merle Haggard, Pearl Jam to the Eagles, and Steve Earl to Soundgarden, BC & The Big Rig bring it all together seamlessly. BC & The Big Rig brings a wall of sound at you with powerful guitar riffs, screaming lead guitar licks, and a powerful rhythm section. Add in the 4-part harmonies and the sound is soul quenching and powerful.
After the debut release of Day Late, Dollar Short in September 2015, BC & The Big Rig has spent the last year touring around Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, and South Dakota spreading what soma have jokingly come to call "Shred Dirt".
BC & The Big Rig are currently working on a new studio album scheduled to be released in late 2016. Check out their show schedule and catch one near you!!! You'll be glad you did.

Tulsa, Ok

Americana Rock n Roll

BC & The Big Rig